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Each one of our muscles is surrounded by a thin membrane of connective tissue called fascia. These membranes serve the same purpose as cartilage does for the bones; they allow the muscles to slide upon each other, which they have to do in order to contract or stretch during movement.

( Notice all of the muscle compartments in the illustration. Each one is separated by the translucent, white tissue which is fascia. )

Whenever a muscle is impacted ( contact sports, falls, etc. ) or overused ( lifting weights, running, over-training, etc. ), microfibers form in between adjacent layers of connective tissue to bind them together so that the muscles can heal.

These Microfibers are nature's internal cast. Unfortunately, they do not go away after the area has healed and they tend to accumulate over time, making the muscles stiffer and more tense with age.

All of the therapies listed below are practiced at Integrative Manual Therapies. They have been developed to combat and release the stiffness and tension caused by the accumulation of fascia. Many times, immediate relief can be felt.



Watch this 5 minute, entertaining speech by Gil Hedly Phd.
Gil explains the properties of fascia and how it can effect the quality of your life.
He also explains the importance of "maintenance" therapies to maintain and restore health to the fascia.

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