erin_donohue Erin Donohue, 2008 Beijing Olympics, Professional Track Athlete

"As a professional track athlete, my career depends on my ability to train and compete. I push my body to its limits, and as a result, I develop tightness and soreness in my legs and lower back. I particularly have problems with my calves, and at times, they have become so tight that I've had to stop running. It's a painful and frustrating injury. But, Todd's Direct Release Myofascial Techniques immediately relieve my locked-up calves so that I can get back to training faster.

Even when I don't have a specific injury, I visit Todd to relieve tightness, maintain good range of motion, and just generally recover faster from hard workouts and races. Todd has an ability to identify and work out small problems before they become big problems. This regular massage is as important to my training and injury prevention as any exercises I do at the gym or track. I'd recommend Todd to any athlete who wants to train consistently and without pain."

Ian_Laperriere Ian Laperriere of The Philadelphia Flyers has played nearly 20 years in the NHL.

"I've pushed my body to its limits with nearly 20 years in the NHL. Todd helped me by working on some tight, over-trained muscles. Todd's deep muscle and fascia work also helped get me through some tough pre-season training.

I would recommend Todd to family, friends and team mates."

brad_daddis Brad Daddis, Mixed Martial Artist, Owner Daddis Mixed Martial Arts Acadamies

My body has taken some abuse over the years from Mixed Martial Arts Training. I was starting to get discouraged from constantly being injured until I found Todd Fluck and Integrative Manual Therapies.

I was shocked at the immediate relief I hadn't had in years! From back injuries, to hips, shoulders and more, Todd has yet to let me down and has treated each with the same great results consistently. I feel like a "new" person when I walk out of his office! My muscles, joints and tendons are ready for some more action on the mat!

Todd is one of the few out there who knows the rigors of what a grappler or mixed martial artist goes through. He is familiar with the common injuries and treats them accordingly. I know that when I get treated for an injury, that the person working on me is a specialist and knows exactly what my body goes through each day.

I was skeptical at first. I'd been to countless doctors with no success. I was doubtful that I would ever be pain free. After hearing about Todd and his experience with martial artists, I decided to give it a try and have never looked back! If you are a serious athlete and want to stay injury free, you MUST make an appointment today!

alyson_pray Alyson Pray, Professional Ballet Dancer, Pennsylvania Ballet, Founder, Align Healing

I have been a professional ballet dancer for ten years and spent the last five years of my career as a member of the Pennsylvania Ballet. As you can imagine, ballet is very hard on the muscles and joints. Over the years, I had developed several structural problems that limited my range of motion and caused me a lot of pain. Despite working with a massage therapist and a physical therapist, the injuries continued to inhibit my dancing. In 2007, I reached a point where I thought I might have to stop dancing. Then, a friend referred me to Todd.

Although I had heard of Rolfing, I had never tried it. I figured that it was worth a shot. After one session, I was hooked. No other healing method gave me such immediate relief. After completing all ten treatments, I felt amazing. It was as if my body breathed for the first time in years. My alignment improved and my joints were fluid. Tight muscles relaxed. The stiffness and rigidity that I struggled with disappeared. I was finally able to be more supple and light on my feet. Because the pain ceased, I could focus on my artistry rather than on avoiding discomfort.

I also have a degree in Alternative Medicine. Everything I understand about holistic therapy was demonstrated with Todd. In addition to helping me with my dancing, the Structural Integration worked wonders on my overall well-being. I was not only renewed physically, but also mentally and emotionally. My stress level dramatically decreased. I always left his office calm and balanced. For these reasons, I believe that Rolfing is a powerful tool. It creates an environment where the body can self-heal. There is really no limit to its benefits.

I could never express how grateful I am to Todd. I highly recommend Structural Integration. It goes beyond any other treatment that I have tried. I believe it is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and I feel that Todd has a gift in this area.

elsie_kerns Elsie Kerns, Holistic Health and Wellness Educator

Entering Medicare eligibility helped me make a decision to take better care of my body. Within a week of that decision, a friend referred me to Todd's Structural Integrative bodywork. Todd's skillful hands made a connection to my upper and lower body, released long held shoulder tension, realigned my pelvic area and gave my entire body more flexibility and strength. Most outstanding is Todd's integrity and knowledge of the body and its potential. During each session, Todd targeted the areas most appropriate in the structural sequence. I continue to experience change and plan regular monthly adjustments to help maintain this healthier body.

Christian Cork - Retired, US Army

Hey Todd, It's Christian Cork, I saw you a little over a month ago. Hope all is going well with you out there. Just giving you a status update as requested, academy has started and my knee is holding up better than I expected. I'm pretty sure I tore something in the knee joint but if it hadn't been for the 2 sessions I had with you I'm certain I wouldn't have been able to attend the academy let alone make it through the first week.

When I went down to NC to visit I saw my old KMI Therapist for a couple of sessions and saw another Rolfer near my area here in OH. I have to say the sessions that I had with you were the best out of the other 2 therapist I saw. When I'm in the area again I'll definitely be in again to get worked on. The deep hard core work you did on my leg, serrates, lat, collar bone, neck, chest, and shoulder area gave me the best relief I've had. I only wish I had more time their with you to get worked on. The KMI guy in NC who used to work on me seems to be steering away from the good hard core stuff like you do and get into some weird softer types of massage that didn't help me as much. IDK if the guy was tired for the two days he worked on me or what.

But I can honestly say if it wasn't for the work that you did I wouldn't be in the academy right now, I honestly thought I was going to have to drop out. For maintenance I've been hitting the foam roller twice a day, stretching, and doing ultrasound as often as I can.

Peggy K.

I received the full Structural Integration (SI) package. So often in our busy, hectic lifestyles, we tend to ignore our bodies to the point where we forget what is normal anymore. With SI, you become in tune with your body again, and you begin to feel great. You begin to flex and move in ways that you didn't think were possible. Sometimes, our bodies get stuck in an unnatural position, which causes pain. Again, sometimes people will ignore that pain, and just live with it. But SI is the best way to alleviate your pain, and regain your flexibility, and when that pain is gone, you'll feel like you died and went to heaven. For me, I have "miraculously" experienced the end of pain, as well as a flexibility that I didn't know was possible. In yoga class, I would see others get into positions that I couldn't quite achieve until after SI, and when I could move into those positions effortlessly - that was really cool and exciting. I would recommend SI to anyone, who is serious about their physical fitness.

Serge J

I had heard about rolfing more than a year ago and how it could help my tense and stressed body. I found a rolfer in Philadelphia, did 12 sessions and thought it was great; it did help me relax and have better workouts at the gym. Until I had decided to try Todd a week ago and have my first rolfing session with him. I was amazed how excellent he was. In one session, he did much more than what the Philadelphia rolfer did in 12 sessions. Todd knew exactly my tense muscular areas, gave me great ideas how to improve my workouts. Todd is smart, very knowledgeable, and has great personality. He is wonderful and absolutely the best rolfer.

Leah B.

As you promised, the effects of the treatment continue to come through even after the sessions are over. I came to Todd at recommendation of my pilates instructor. After my first session I was 'hooked'. I am 53 years old, over the years I have acquired many muscle and joint problems, stiffness, cramps and pain. Structural Integration helped me to release my stiff joints and muscle. My posture has changed due to ability to recruit muscles that were never used before. Although the treatment can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, I looked forward to every session, to see what new muscles in my body will come to life as a result of Structural Integration.

Todd was excellent. Methodically working through my problems areas, he was able to achieve great results. I know I will be back so Todd can continue his work that I know will help my aging body to keep up with ambitious plans I have for it.

Amy L

When I started with Todd, my shoulders and upper back slumped forward. Pain radiated across my lower back and down my right leg. I was skeptical that something called 'rolfing' could help. After a few sessions of Structural Integration, my shoulders relaxed and released. By my 8th session, the pain down my leg had subsided. After 10 sessions with Todd Fluck, my muscles and fascia felt great. Thanks to Structural Integration, I'm able to enjoy exercising again.

Albert B

Since some 18 months I have been "Rolfed" by Mr. Todd Fluck. The results achieved through this innovative body manipulation technique continue to be most gratifying.

I feel that I am in a position to judge the technique employed by Mr. Fluck since I have undergone numerous Rolfing sessions since the age of 15 years. My age is now 69 years.

The Rolfer's used by me range from individuals living in Brazil, Germany and, of course, the USA. My first experience took place in Abilene, Texas in the year 1955. The practitioner at that time received individual instruction from Dr. Ida Rolf, the founder of the Rolfing Technique. My other Rolfer's practice their technique currently in Philadelphia and New York City.

I have had the good fortune to experience numerous regular sessions performed by Mr. Fluck. I would highly recommend Todd to anyone seeking to improve their overall physical and mental vitality through the Rolfing/Structural Integration technique practiced by him. His careful and diligent application of this Technique is truly exceptional.

Rick M

You are the man! My neck feels a 100 times better since seeing you! Thanks alot I am probably going to schedule another one for next Wednesday.

Frances H

I enjoy being physically active and have always put a lot of demands on my body. Triathlon training would oftentimes leave me in pain, particularly my neck as I have a disc bulge in my cervical spine. The range-of motion in some of my joints was also very limited.

I turned up at my chiropractor's office one Saturday in severe pain and was in desperate need of a massage. My usual therapist was completely booked so my chiropractor made a phone call and a few hours later, Todd was working on me (on what was supposed to be his day off) I experienced the difference between traditional "massage" and myofascial "bodywork". I was amazed at the level of pain relief I received as well as the improved range-of-motion. Additionally, I had started doing yoga to increase flexibility and the work that Todd has done, as well as the specific stretching exercises he has shown me, has advanced my yoga practice as well.

Todd has an excellent understanding of human anatomy and physiology but he also possesses an intuition that is difficult for me to articulate, other than to say he has a healing touch. I would need to write a rather lengthy essay in order to mention all the benefits I have derived under Todd's care so I will just add that I give him my highest recommendation.

Judith N

I've had severe scoliosis since childhood as well as two major surgeries to stabilize my curvature. Looking for ways to manage my condition, I have consulted a number of professionals over they years: orthopedic surgeons, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, physiatrists, fitness experts. In many ways, Todd Fluck has helped me more than any of them.

I've worked with Todd for about nine months. I started with ten Rolfing/Structural Integration sessions. I found the sessions enormously helpful in opening up structures that had been tight, under-used, and imbalanced for years. So enthusiastic was I about the experience and how much better I felt, at the end of the ten sessions, I decided to continue to see Todd for two one-hour sessions each month.

During these sessions, he's developed a highly customized program for me, focusing on specific areas that may be giving me trouble, working, as he puts it, "to fight patterns" that work against my strength, flexibility, and balance.

An excellent teacher, Todd always explains why he's doing what he's doing. The clarity of his explanations makes it much easier to relax into and thus maximize his work - and to incorporate his suggestions into my everyday life. For all that he's helped and taught me, I am most grateful.

Extremely Knowledgeable!

Annette R says: I have been going to Todd over two years. I am training for a Figure competition and injured myself, Todd gave me a lot of relief. Felt relaxed afterwards, least pain i'd been in a week!! I recommend him to everyone! Thanks Todd :)

Feeling better

Christian B says: One visit and my neck pain was gone. Now I'm a couple days out and still more flexible than I was before my visit. I'm definitely going back and recommending him to friends.

Thanks Todd!

Sandra K says: Todd is the best!! I am always impressed by his talent and knowledge. I am training for triathlons and was having a lot of shoulder pain when swimming. After one visit with Todd my pain is gone! Had a great race a few days later!

Relief in site

Lisa W says: For some time now, I've relied upon chiropractic and general massage therapies for relief from lower back pain - but, it was always a short term fix. After 1 session, I've recovered 80% of my flexibility and believe I'll be good to go in just a few sessions. A big thumbs up for Todd's services!


Sherri R says: Todd knows exactly how to manipulate the muscles to get the perfect result. More flexibility and range of motion with decreased pain.


Linda F says: I've been everywhere and Todd is very talented. I experienced immediate motility and pain relief. I was extremely impressed!

Worth every penny!

MS H says: In addition to being good a what he does, he is a good listener. Not only did he focus on where I complained the problem was, but he found additional areas that were involved and worked them too! Thanks Todd!


Mekella M says: I have a pretty ridiculous back. There are times when I am in constant pain. Todd definitely gives my back relief every time I see him. Thank you always helping me!!!

Professionally Sound

Alan M says: This was my first vist with I M T and I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and knowledge base of Todd. His understanding of the body and its mechanics was great! The office was extremely clean and calming. I have made improvements and I plan to continue to see Todd as needed.

Magical hands and great office

Serge J says: Todd is the best! Talented, knowledgeable and knows what he's doing. Love the new office: very clean, neat, spacious and quiet. Excellent job! SJ


Elsie K says: Elsie Kerns says: Todd, your IMT work released those knots, kinks and I feel blissfully re-structured. I love your new office, location and, as always, your talented hands!

Talented man

Neil B says: I have been using Todd for quite awhile now and of all the body workers I have used, he is far and above the best of all. His knowledge of bodies and how they work is solid. He knows how to really make you feel good and keep you there for the long term. He's the only way to fly!! Thanks Todd!!

great massage

jeff k says: Todd has amazing hands that can find the sore muscle, the tight ham string or the stress point. Walking out you feel renewed and great. Thanks Todd!!