MMA and Grappling

Pain Relief for Overuse, Tightness, Injuries and Strains

On a daily basis we address these common problems and more. If you're not sure what you need, feel free to call Todd with questions. 856-912-8219.

Common issues include:
  • over-training, repetitive strain, over-use
  • ankle injuries, ankle injury, ankle strain, ankle pain
  • shoulder, injuries, shoulder injury, shoulder strain, shoulder pain
  • knee injuries, knee injury, knee pain, knee strain
  • wrist injuries, wrist injury, wrist strain, wrist pain
  • wrestling injuries, wrestling injury, wrestling strain, wrestling pain
  • foot injuries, foot injury, foot strain, foot pain
  • back injuries, back injury, back strain, back pain
  • hip flexors, hip injuries, hip injury, hip strain, hip pain
  • neck injuries, neck injury, neck strain, neck pain

Few people depend on their bodies like a fighter. The physical conditioning required is intense and when it comes down to it, only the strong survive.

When body alignment is maintained, forces and movement will distribute evenly throughout the entire body. If imbalances are not prevented or maintained properly, forces will localize and cause trauma in the connective tissues. (muscle, fascia, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone) Pain and tightness signal imbalance.

At Integrative Manual Therapies, we understand the demands that are placed on the body during training and competition. We have extensive experience in treating the common injuries and imbalances that occur in MMA and Grappling on all levels. Amatuer, Professional and Champion Mixed Martial Artists have all enjoyed the benefits of the therapy provided at Integrative Manual Therapies. Whether you're training for fitness or going for the belt, we will help you reach your goals.

Brad Daddis

Brad Daddis, Mixed Martial Artist. Owner, Daddis Mixed Martial Arts Academies

"My body has taken some abuse over the years from Mixed Martial Arts Training. I was starting to get discouraged from constantly being injured until I found Todd Fluck and Integrative Manual Therapies..."

"I was shocked at the immediate relief I hadn't had in years..."

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