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Common issues include:
  • range of motion pain
  • joint injuries, joint injury, joint strain, joint pain<
  • muscle injuries, muscle injury, muscle strain, muscle pain
  • head injuries, head injury, head pain, head aches
  • neck injuries, neck injury, neck strain, neck pain
  • shoulder, injuries, shoulder injury, shoulder strain, shoulder pain
  • knee injuries, knee injury, knee pain, knee strain
  • pilates injury, ballet injury, dance injury
  • foot injuries, foot injury, foot strain, foot pain
  • back injuries, back injury, back strain, back pain
  • hip injuries, hip injury, hip strain, hip pain

The body functions at its best when movement and energy expands from the core and flows outward without restriction. Many things can cause restrictions and structural imbalances in the fascial layers of the body. These fascial restrictions will impede the natural flow, making access to the core more challenging.

Fascial restrictions can be caused by stress which can occur on all levels of being. On a physical level, repetitive movement patterns, traumatic injuries and illness are stresses that can cause strain and tightening in the fascia. Mental and Emotional stress can cause low energy levels that will be telegraphed through the physical body as poor posture, alignment and inhibited movement. The condition of the fascial body can reveal ones emtional and mental state.

There are some clues to the presence of fascial restrictions. One is when proper posture seems forced and unnatural. If a person requires effort to hold the shoulders down and back, that is not natural. The shoulder girdle should fall to a natural and balanced position over the rib cage. The same example can be used for angles of pelvic tilt, spinal extension, head and neck, etc. Another clue is not being able to attain the depths of posture in Pilates and Yoga. If positions seemed forced or unattainable there is most likely fascial restrictions involved. Stretching fascial restrictions in the muscles is helpful but it's not always the answer and in some cases, it is a futile effort.

The therapies provided at Integrative Manual Therapies can release the restrictions and create "openings" in the human structure. The openings created will help your practice by accelerating the rate that the body progresses towards its potential.

Alyson Pray

Alyson Pray, Professional Ballet Dancer with the Pennsylvania Ballet. Founder, Align Healing, LLC.

"After one session, I was hooked. No other healing method gave me such immediate relief. After completing all ten treatments, I felt amazing..."

"It was as if my body breathed for the first time in years. I was not only renewed physically, but also mentally and emotionally..."

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